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Wyatt True, founder and member of the Delgani String Quartet, will conduct the official guided tour for the Feb. 7 iteration of downtown Eugene’s First Friday ArtWalk. The quartet — Wyatt True, Jannie Wei, Kimberlee Uwate, and Eric Alterman — share their contemporary and classical repertoire with home audiences in Eugene as well as throughout the state as guest performers.

The official, free ArtWalk guided tour runs from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and includes chats with featured artists along the way. But as always, First Friday observers are welcome to make their own way through the many galleries and businesses that stay open for the evening.

Official guided tour

Starting off the tour at 5:30 p.m. at Maurie Jacobs Community Room (Hult Center for the Performing Arts), the Hult Center has commissioned Harmonic Laboratory to create Manual Experience, an interactive exhibition “revealing the magic underneath the cinematic screen and exploring light, sound, and their use in storytelling.” The exhibit runs through March 15 and coincides with the performance collective Manual Cinema coming to the Hult Center February 27-March 1. They will be performing their take on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

The tour makes its 6:00 p.m. stop at Out of Step Books & Gallery (1022 Willamette Street), where Damian J. McDonald presents 25 of his “quirky creatures” (12 of which have never been seen before). McDonald has crafted an entire world full of fantastical and enchanting characters, each with its own unique background, ecology, and characteristics.

ArtCity Studios on Broadway (160 E. Broadway, downstairs) features the studios of Jarrell Blake and WheelHaus Arts, and the tour stops there at 6:30 p.m. Blake’s sparklewake art posters come from paint pens, handwritten text, photography, and ink drawings and are used by teachers and therapists. About 30 of

Jessica Haeckel celebrates the art of everyday making-a-living in her images at InEugene Real Estate

her pieces are on display. Instagram: @sparklewake. WheelHaus Arts is a K-12+ artist gallery, studio, and classroom created by David Placencia to connect the next generation of artists and adults to the local art community. Artworks from the youth art classes and their instructors are on display. Three K-12 art classes meet every Saturday, and there are weekday classes for all ages, as well as bilingual Spanish studio classes. Instructors include Celeste Jacobi, Ashley LaVelle, Omar Vazcar, and Jeremy Brooks.

Jessica Haeckel presents all new medium- and large-scale oils on canvas in her show Dark Places, No Faces at the 7 p.m. stop at InEugene Real Estate (100 East Broadway). The display showcases the blue-collar beauty of welders at work and represents a departure from her signature surrealistic style and abstract concepts. This collection depicts humans working to pay the rent, reflecting her own need as a human and artist who also needs to pay the rent.

More arts and activities

Allies, LLC (131 East 11th Avenue) Allies hosts a creative art making space and a curatorial program that is shared and run cooperatively by adults with developmental disabilities. This month, Allies artists and staff showcase works that are sculptural in nature, including ceramics, soft sculpture, jewelry, leather work, and even paintings, drawings, and collage. Come meet the artists and watch a demo.

Art by Noelle Herceg at Anti-Aesthetic

ANTI-AESTHETIC (245 West 8th Avenue) Eugene Contemporary Art (ECA) presents “Under Our Moon Future Ascensions,” work by Sajad Amini, Dana Buzzee, Agnese Cebere, Eden V. Evans, Noelle Herceg, Erin Langley, Ian Sherlock Molloy, Hannah Petkau, Tyler Stoll, Elnaz Talaei, Nathan Alexander Ward, and Carol Yahner, who are all in the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Oregon.

Broadway Commerce Center (44 West Broadway) “ReInspired,” by Paul Burt. Drawing on his background in design, construction, and his love of art, he has recently been reinspired over the last year to meld the world of 2D wall displays with his love of the 3D form.

ECO Sleep Solutions and Gallery (25 East 8th Avenue) Felted wool home décor and apparel by Tylar Merrill; clay tile collages by Annie Heron; hand-painted wood pieces and hand-painted silk apparel and other items by Lybi Thomas; wood and stone carvings and wood sculptures by Cedar Caredio; and Luminessence light sculptures by Stephen White.

Eugene Public Library (100 W. 10th Ave.) Wizards, witches, and Muggles of all ages are invited to celebrate the Triwizard Tournament during Harry Potter Book Night. Costumes welcome.

Euphoria Chocolate Company (946 Willamette Street) “Uniformity: Ushers and Cormorants,” mixed media works by Lisa Yu.

Framin’ Artworks (505 High St.) “Expressions,” drybrush oil paintings and colored pencil drawings by Candace Marie Watson.

Karin Clarke Gallery (760 Willamette St.) The fifth Collectors’ Resale Show, a secondary market show featuring vintage works by collected regional artists. On display through February 29.

Mask by Miller Rhagavan at The Lincoln Gallery

The Lincoln Gallery (309 W. Fourth Ave.) “Obscura,” masks and related 2D and 3D art celebrating culture and costume, exploring representation of unseen aspects of ourselves or other cultural, historical, or imaginary entities.

LovaKava Kava Bar & Restaurant (120 W. Broadway) Kava and original art.

Mosaic Fair Trade Collection (28 E. Broadway) Handmade, fair trade jewelry, furniture, houseware, unique gifts, clothing, accessories, and more from all around the world.

The New Zone Gallery (22 W. 7th Ave.) “The Joy of Creative Expression,” paintings in acrylics by Shirley M. Collins, and “Variety in Art,” work created in various mediums including watercolor, tile, and glass by Robin Marks-Fife. Textural works by Wendy Steinberg in the Klausmeier Room; unique work combining photography, sculpture and painting by David Worman.  Music by Brian Cutean on guitar.

Oregon Art Supply (1020 Pearl St.) Paintings in watercolor and gouache on paper by Erika Beyer; open until 6:00 p.m.

Sparrow Studios (136 E. Broadway) Unbound challenged artists, designers, and creatives in the Eugene-Springfield area to start or deepen their sketchbook or visual journal practice, resulting in a diverse collection of books that vary in size, medium, and purpose.

Work by Ricardo Di Napoli at Townshend’s Teahouse

Starlight Lounge (830 Olive St.) “Spirit Guides,” realistic wildlife paintings in gouache by Bekah Zeimetz.

Townshend’s Teahouse (41 W. Broadway) Ricardo E. Di Napoli’s oil on canvas paintings inspired by unusual photos he has taken, ranging from photographs of himself, objects, films, TV series, and photos of other photos.

White Lotus Gallery (767 Willamette St.) “Celebrating 2020,” featuring Jon Jay Cruson, Li Tie, Satoko Motouji, Connie Mueller, Dale Mueller, Jamie Newton, Margaret Prentice, Christine L. Sundt, Gary Tepfer and Mike Van. Show on display through March 7.

Hannah Bailey’s art is on show at Wild Light Yoga Center

Wild Light Yoga Center (820 Charnelton St.) Artwork by Hannah Bailey, inspired by nature, its cycles, and the many symbiosis found therein, influenced by personal themes and stories from her own life.

Special community event

No Shame Eugene (99 W. 10th Ave.) Doors open 7:30 p.m. with live music; sshow begins at 8:00 p.m. with 15 original, five-minute acts including monologues, sketch comedy, and the experimental. Each show includes the first 15 acts to register with the host when the doors open. Come as a performer, or no shame in just watching.

About Lane Arts Council — Lane Arts Council, founded in 1976, is a nonprofit organization that cultivates strong and creative arts communities in Lane County. We provide in-school arts education programs, support local artists and arts organizations, and coordinate community programs such as the popular First Friday ArtWalk.

February ArtWalk Sponsor: Hult Center — This month’s ArtWalk Sponsorship comes from the Hult Center and their performance run of Manual Cinema’s Frankenstein from February 27 through March 1. Manual Cinema combines handmade shadow puppetry, cinematic techniques, and innovative sound and music to create immersive visual stories for stage and screen and will be demonstrating those skills in their critically acclaimed new show, Frankenstein. To support the show, the Hult Center has commissioned Harmonic Laboratory to produce “Manual Experience,”a limited time exhibit hosted in the Maurie Jacobs Community Room of the Hult Center that allows guests to play with the techniques that create the magic underneath the cinematic screen.  The exhibit will be open during normal venue hours through March 15 and is supported via a grant from Nils and Jewel Hult Endowment – Arts Foundation of Western Oregon Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation.