Posted by Randi Bjornstad

Cottage Theatre finally gets to do a production of the fabled story of Frankenstein, and Susan Goes, the theater’s executive director, is especially excited.

“We are so excited to open Nick Dear’s Frankenstein on Friday, Feb. 9, for a three-weekend run,” Goes said in announcing the play. “This is a powerful script, and we’ve been waiting for several years for the U.S. amateur rights to become available.”


The story of Frankenstein gets a gripping retelling in this 2011 stage adaptation of Mary Shelley’s 200-year-old novel. Victor Frankenstein is an egotistical and troubled scientist, whose dark ambition leads him to play with life itself. He eventually succeeds in creating a being who has the innocence of a baby but is completely grotesque in form. Soon abandoned, the Creature attempts to make his way in the world, encountering cruelty and fear wherever he goes, with only fleeting moments of kindness. The Creature’s heart-rending journey dramatically illuminates themes of intellectual arrogance, prejudice, and social alienation. From its mesmerizing opening scene through its horrifying conclusion, Nick Dear’s Frankenstein offers a thought-provoking examination of the roots of good and evil.

Members of the cast

The Creature / Randall Brous
Victor Frankenstein / Kory Weimer
De Lacy, Ensemble / Davis N. Smith
Felix, Ensemble / John Young
Agatha, Ensemble / Serene Zamora
Elizabeth Lavenze, Ensemble / Tracy Brous
Female Creature, Gretel, Ensemble / Indigo Rael
Gustav, Ensemble, Understudy Victor Frankenstein / Michael Johnson
Klaus, Constable, Ensemble / Matthew Chasen
Clarice, Ensemble / Alana Merz
William Frankenstein, Ensemble / Siena Staunau-Reicher
Monsier Frankenstein, Ensemble / David Evans
Ewan, Ensemble, Understudy The Creature / Maximillian Arnold
Rab, Ensemble / Lucas Eide
Ensemble / Alex VonderHaar

Production Crew

Director / Tony Rust

Assistant Director & Choreographer /  Darcy Rust
Stage Manager / Olivia David
Production Design / FeO2
Set Construction & Painting / Mark Allen, Maximillian Arnold, Amy Beasley, Randall Brous, Robert Carter, Matthew Chasen, Lucas Eide, David Evans, Amanda Ferguson, Andy Hutchinson, Michael Johnson, Alana Merz, Indigo Rael, Davis N. Smith, Alex VonderHaar, Kory Weimer, John Young, Serene Zamora
Leonardo Sketching / Robert Carter
Costume Design / Rhonda Turnquist
Wigs / Angela Pearson
Creature Makeup / Ashley Lawn
Lighting Design / Amanda Ferguson
Lighting Assistants / J. Sterling, Jeffery Egbert
Lightboard Operator / Ylecktra Young
Sound & Projections Design / Jeffery Egbert
Sound & Projections Operator / Moura Stewart
Closed Captioning / Leslie Murray
Stage Crew / J. Sterling
Lobby Display / Carmen Dowell
Photography / Matt Emrich, Alana Merz

Frankenstein at Cottage Theatre

When: Evenings at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 9-10, 15-17, and 22-24; Sunday matinees at 2:30 p.m. Feb. 11, 18, and 15

Where: 700 Village Drive, Cottage Grove

Tickets: $15-$29, available online at or by telephone at 541-942-8001 or at the theater office from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday through Friday (or at the door if available one hour before performance times)


Randall Brous (The Creature) and Kory Weimer (Victor Frankenstein) in Cottage Theatre’s Frankenstein