(Above: Fleabitten Mare, a painting by Shari Hulse)

Edited by Randi Bjornstad

Shari Hulse loves horses and says that the “age-old connection between horses and humankind is the inspiration for her art.”

That’s definitely the case with a show of her paintings at the Emerald Art Center that will be on display through April 1. Her paintings portray the character and expression of her equine subjects as well as showing the intricate detail of their tack, from the rich leathers and stitching on their saddles to the loops, rings, and buckles of lead ropes, reins, and bridles.

Once a commercial artist and always a horse lover, in retirement Hulse has had more time to hone photo-realism skills that she transfers to her canvases.

Gregory Hayes’ paintings portray thoughts and emotions suggested by spherical shapes.

In addition to the Paintings by Shari Hulse display, the April shows at the Emerald Art Center also include works by two center members, Recent Works by Gregory Hayes and Inspired, a display of photographs by Barbara Bakalarova. As always, there is ample wall space devoted to recent works by member artists at the center.

Hayes’ presentation continues his series, Far Landscapes, this one emphasizing spherical shapes and the ways they suggest thoughts, emotions, and locations to the viewer.

Bakalarova also explores the creative forces of nature as they are, and the varying ways people choose to see and interpret them.

Barbora Bakalarova’s photographs examine the forces of nature.

The center also features another member show in April titled Same Difference, presenting photographs by the nonprofit Eugene Darkroom Group that includes new gelatin prints created by 18 members of the group: Danger Adams, Ben Birkey, Caely Brandon, Miranda Cavagnaro, Jaden Chavez, Austin Dillon,
Lisa Ertmer, Paul Halpern, Brenna Hansen, Elora Kelsh, Bridget Mahan, Brian Maneely, Elijah McFarlane, Diana C Patin, Miles Shepard, Carol Sillars, Adrienne Turner, and Seth Warhol-Streeter.

The challenge for this show is for each artist to use the same medium and materials and to find unique ways to employ them.

Now showing at the Emerald Art Center

When: Through April 1, 2022

Where: Emerald Art Center, 500 Main St., Springfield

Hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday

Information: 541-726-8595