By Randi Bjornstad

Oct. 30 is the last day for art admirers to take in a gallery full of art at the New Zone Gallery in downtown Eugene.

One show, the Zone 4 All, is the New Zone Gallery’s annual non-juried show that is open to all artists who want to show their creations, in a dazzling array of artistic mediums, styles, and viewpoints.

By Allessandre (Dawn to Dawn congregate tent shelter program)

The other is the second annual Home is Where the Heart is exhibit, featuring work by people in the community who have experienced homelessness or near-homelessness and who have partcipated in a range of St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County’s programs that offer emergency shelter and food, assist in securing affordable housing, and finding jobs.

Joel Gorthy, communications manager at the agency known familiarly in the community as St. Vinnie’s, puts it this way:

Ideally, home is where we are never far from the embrace of those we love most. It’s where we feel closest to complete contentment with our surroundings. And it’s where we weave the protective fabric of family to wear through out lives, just as the walls around us quite literally shield us from dangers of the outside world. Unfortunately, these are fleeting dreams rather than lasting realities for many of our vulnerable neighbors.

By Logan, age 15 (Resident Services program)

Thousands of individuals and their families contact the local St. Vincent de Paul every year Gorthy said, and this is the second year that the agency has asked these people to express their views of “heart” and “home” through art, supplying more than 80 free art-supply kits to would-be artists.

The artists with work in Home is Where the Heart is span the decades from childhood on up, as they and their families participated in a variety of programs offered by St. Vinnie’s: Youth & Family Services, Homeless & Emergency Services, Affordable Housing, and others.

Some of the artwork is for sale, Gorthy said, “aptly displayed in a variety of picture frames found at local St.Vinnie’s thrift stores.” In addition, prints and greeting-card size reproductions are available for purchase. Proceeds from the show will go to St. Vincent de Paul’s resident services program, which helps meet the needs of residents of the agency’s affordable housing properties in Lane, Linn, and Marion counties.

New Zone Gallery

Location: 100 E. 11th Ave. (corner of 11th and Oak streets) in downtown Eugene

Hours: Noon to 6 p.m. daily

Information: 541-683-0759 or

Karolina, age 5 (Resident Services program)